Archiving a course

How to archive a course to hide it from the list of courses and make it read-only.

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When you're ready to end the facilitation of a course, you can archive it instead of deleting it. Archiving a course makes it read-only for learners, but still allows you and your learners to see course materials and access the summary data for the course. Archived courses, by default, won't appear on the My courses page for users. Users can still use the filter option to see any archived courses to which they belong.

How to archive a course

To archive a course, press the context menu icon next to the course title and choose "Archive course".

Note: Archiving a course is reversible. Instructors can go into any archived course and use the context menu to unarchive a course.

How to view your archived courses

On your My courses page, go to Filter and toggle the option on for Archived courses.

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